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Kerosene Hand Lantern
(350 C. P.)

Salient Features :

  • An attractive streamlined and robust pressure lantern made from best quality raw materials under expert supervision.
  • Each lantern is packed in a strong cardboard box.
  • Each and every piece is tested as per The Indian Standard Specifications.
  • The chimney of this lantern is made of ‘fireproof’ glass. Most economical in use, a steady brilliant light for about 8 hours with 1.125 liter of oil. Absolutely strom and rain proof.
  • Each lantern is supplied with 1 spirit can, 1 spanner, 1 pin key, 1 nipple, 1 tanklid rubber washer, 1 pump washer, 1 pin, 1 funnel and 3 mantles.
Intensity of Light 350 C.P.
Capacity of Tank 1300 ml
Suitable filling 1125 ml
One filling will last about 8 hrs
Standard Packing 12 Pcs

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